Listed below is the waste we will accept and waste we won't. Please note that should there be waste in the bag which we can't accept we will either take it out the bag leaving it neatly piled up or not take the bag. Should we find non green waste at the bottom of the bag whilst tipping we will return this to your property along with a £30 (inc VAT) surcharge.

We accept the following green or garden waste
- Grass cuttings
- Hedge cuttings
- Tree branches and leafs
- Tree trunks/logs
- plants (with minimal soil around roots)
- Tree and bush stumps (with minimal soil around roots)
- Weeds
- Windblown fruit (apples and items which have blown off the plant/tree in wind)

What we don't accept
- Soil
- Turf
- Processed timber (any form of wood which has been processed ie: used in construction, treated) such as fence panels, sheds joists.
- Paper
- Carboard
- Metal of any kind