Got a question?

Q. What types of waste do you take?
A. We take all types of green/garden waste whether it is shredded, chipped or simply cut and put in the bag. Unfortunately we are unable to take any processed wood, soil or turf. See a full list of what we will take and what we won't.

Q. How long does it take for my waste bag to arrive?
A. Once orderd your bag will arrive in 3-4 working days. We either drop them off ourselves or post them direct to you.

Q. My bag arrived this week but it's going to be 2 weeks before I can fill it, will you still collect?
A. Absolutely! Once delivered you get 31 days to fill it.

Q. Does the bag need to be kerbside for you to collect?
A. We will take bags as long as they are at the front of the property. We are able to collect bags which have been left at the rear of properties but this may occur a £10 surcharge. Please contact us in advance of collection if you are unable to get the bag at the front of the property.

Q. Do you offer a discount on multiple bags?
A. Yes we do and we also run selected promotions throughout the year, follow us on social media or sign up to our newsletter to keep up the latest offers.

Q. What happens if something is left in the bag which is not greenwaste?
A. If we find waste in the bag which is not green waste then due to restrictions on our waste carriers licence we will be unable to take it away. Should we find non green waste when your bag is emptied we will presume you didn't mean to throw it away and drop it back to your property accompanied with a £30(inc VAT) surcharge.

Q. Is there a weight limit on the bags?
A. Nope! It can be filled to the brim with wet grass cuttings or woodchips which is about as heavy as it gets and we will still take it away.