The garden waste collection service

Order your bag

Order your garden waste bag(s). You can order online and either pay on delivery or by E-banking. We aim to deliver your bag within 3 working days but please note it may take up to 7 days for your bag to arrive.

Fill your bag

Simply fill your bag with your garden waste and contact us to let us know it's ready to collect.  You can find out what you can put in your bag and what you can't here

We collect and recycle

We come and collect the bag within 5 working days of notification and take it to the recycling centre where it starts the composting process. 

For most people cutting their hedges or mowing the lawn isn't the hard part of gardening, it's what to do with all the green waste are where the problems start! We provide a garden waste collection service to home-owners and trades. Our door to door service saves you that hassle with a simple solution.

All of your waste is 100% recycled into compost. 

Simply order your bag online, normal delivery time is 3 working days. Let us know once your bag is ready for collection and we will be there to collect.